Contact eBay - Help Center of eBay

eBay is an online community wherein it is possible to buy as well as sell any items that you can think of. eBay is the place where you can find the most rare and hard-to-find collectibles that you can think of. To be able to join the eBay community, you should log in and fill-up an application form. After you have verified the email address that you filled up in the application form, you can now start using eBay.

If you experience any problem during your use of eBay, you can easily contact their online customer service representative. These are individuals who can answer all your queries. Their customer service representative is available 24-hours to receive your calls. If they are not able to answer your queries, expect an email from them within the next 24 to 48 hours for the answer that you need.

Who should contact eBay?

Anyone who has concerns regarding the services of eBay can contact them. This serves as the customer service support of the site to be able to help their members are well as to help them improve their services. By contacting eBay, the members can inform the site of their concerns.

Successful Collaboration - 6 Keys to Understanding What It Takes

Collaboration is the art of effectively working with others to achieve a common goal. When we create a shared vision, combine resources (human, physical and financial) and create a structure for collaborative decision-making, we maximize our learning, creativity, resources, and potential.

Effective collaboration means that a common goal is accomplished; participants feel they have each contributed to the solution and are inspired by the experience. Frequently the end result is better than any one person could have accomplished.

In the collaborative process something new is created as a result of each person contributing, yet not being attached to his or her ideas or resources. Individual efforts are leveraged when we work together with others towards a common outcome. When people solve a problem or create something new together, the learning that occurs and the sense of alignment that happens are both stimulating and inspiring.